Binance Academy Submission Guidelines

Our Mission

Binance Academy is the leading open-access blockchain and cryptocurrency education portal. Binance Academy provides entirely free, unbiased and 100% neutral educational content to assist people in their educational journey and increase overall blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must follow these guidelines:

  • All submission must be submitted through our online google form.
  • All submissions must be submitted in the form of a google doc.
  • Article submissions must range between 1000-2000 words.
  • Glossary submissions must range between 300-500 words.
  • Include references in a list at the end of your article.
  • Include author(s) name.
  • The author(s) must be prepared to agree to a statement that the article has not been published elsewhere and will not send or publish elsewhere unless it has been declined by Binance Academy.
  • The author(s) should be prepared to assign copyright to Binance Academy if the submission is accepted.
  • Do not provide financial or trading advice.
  • Submissions should be in 3rd person (he/she).
  • Submissions should be in American English.

Article Format


Define which category your article falls under. Blockchain, Security, Economics, or Tutorials.


The title should be concise and include 1-2 of your keywords and clearly reflects the contents of the article.


Provide up to 8 keywords relevant to the topic of your article.


An introduction should provide a short definition and history if needed. The introduction will provide a summary of the article, why it is important.

Main Body

This section is flexible. Use subheaders to organize the topics covered. Some suggested guidelines are: how it works, how it is used, key features, advantages/disadvantages, challenges/limitations, examples.


Summarize the important information covered in the article and how it is relevant.


Include a list of sources at the bottom of your article so we can verify the information.

Glossary Entry Format

Title (Term)

What term you are defining. Please ensure you check the glossary before submitting to avoid submitting something that already exists.


Provide up to 3 keywords relevant to the term.

Main Body

It should have a short 1-2 sentence explanation at the beginning and then go a little more in-depth in the remainder of the body.


Include a list of sources at the bottom of your article so we can verify the information.

What Happens Next?

After submitting, we will endeavor to respond to the submission in a timely manner. You will receive an automated submission receipt and shortly after that, your article will be reviewed internally.

If your submission has been approved, we will assign it to an editor. We work collaboratively but we may need to rewrite sections or edit substantially in order to ensure the submission is appropriate for our primary audience.