Binance 2FA Guide


There are a huge number of methods for hacking and circumventing password authentication, so two-factor authentication is essential to your account security.

What is 2FA?

2FA or two-factor authentication is when you protect your account with two factors or locks, creating an additional layer of security.

In this context, a factor is split into three different categories: 

  1. Users knowledge (Password)
  2. Something the user owns (Phone)
  3. Biometric traits (Fingerprint)

To be properly protected by 2FA your account must require 2 locks before granting access. The two main factors for Binance is a password as well as either an SMS or Google authentication code.

How to set up SMS and Google authenticators on Binance

SMS Authentication

When creating an account, you provide your mobile phone number. Whenever you want to log in, the service sends you an SMS message with a verification code that expires after a certain period of time. You have to input that number in order to log in..


Convenient & Easy to use

Mobile phone numbers can be spoofed

Does not require an additional application

Requires cellular reception

Setting up SMS Authentication

Navigate to your account page and click enable on the SMS Authentication option

SMS Authentication on Binance

You will now need to enter your mobile phone number and click ‘Send SMS’

SMS Authentication on Binance

Once you have received the SMS, input your SMS Authentication Code into the field and click ‘Submit’.

SMS Verification on Binance

Google Authentication

After setting up Google Authentication, you are assigned a backup key (secret key). The App then generates one-time passwords (OTP) at regular intervals, using the secret key as a seed. Those one-time passwords are required to log in.


Strong encryption

Losing your device means losing access to your account (unless you have a backup key)

Doesn’t require cellular reception or wifi

Requires installing additional applications

Setting up Google Authentication

To begin, click enable on your account page.

Google Authentication on Binance

Then you will need to download the Google Authentication App. Links are readily available on this screen.

2FA on Binance

Once the application has been installed, proceed to the next step.

Scan QR Code

Open the Google Authenticator App on your mobile device and click “Scan a barcode” or “Enter a provided key” if you are unable to use your device’s camera. 

Google Authenticator on Binance

Once you have scanned the QR code on the Google Authenticator App, you can proceed to the next step 

Backup Key

Please write down this backup key on a piece of paper and keep it safe. It can be used in the future to reset your Google Authenticator if you lose your mobile device. 

Enable Google Authentication

Confirm your password and Google authenticator code and click on ‘Enable Google Authentication’