Converting Dust on Binance

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What is Dust?

In terms of cryptocurrencies, dust refers to any small amount of coin or token. The amount is generally so small that it often gets forgotten about or ignored. Bitcoin is divisible into 100 million satoshis, meaning that one satoshi is 0.00000001 bitcoin. You could essentially refer to an amount smaller than a few hundred satoshi as dust. These amounts are often smaller than the transaction fees required to transfer them. 

When referring to cryptocurrency dust on an exchange, it refers to a small fraction of a cryptocurrency that is left over from trades. Most exchanges have a minimum trade requirement and these small amounts are unable to be transacted.

Binance allows you to convert your dust into BNB.

How to convert your dust

To convert your dust into BNB, navigate to funds and click on balances.

Converting Dust on Binance 

On your balances page - click on the button labeled “Convert to BNB”

Converting Dust on Binance

Here you can see your coins which are eligible to be converted to BNB

In order to qualify the dust must have a value less than 0.001BTC

Converting Dust on Binance

You can convert multiple coins at the same time when you have selected the coins that you wish to convert, the estimated BNB value will be shown. 

Please note that this is an estimation only as the conversion to BNB is made according to the current market price at the time of conversion which is exactly at the time the ‘Convert to BNB’ button is clicked. 

Once you have clicked ‘Convert to BNB’ a confirmation window will appear.

Converting Dust on Binance

Once you have confirmed that you wish to convert your BNB, click the ‘Confirm’ button and you will be directed to a page that confirms your conversion has been completed.

Converting Dust on Binance

This operation can be completed once every 24 hours. 

You can view your conversion history by clicking on the ‘Conversion History’ button. 

Please note it is not possible to convert delisted coins. 

Shortly after this is done, you will see the BNB in your account balance.